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Club meetings will be on the 1st Tuesday of the month scheduled.

 We now have over 100 members at the club. Anyone else wishing to join, contact Ralph or Bobby. Send us an e-mail and we will attach the application, club rules, and the club newsletter.

***Don't forget to update any address, phone number, & email address change you have****




Open membership. Pro-rated as to what month you join in. Dues run from January 1st to December 31st.  Meetings are 2nd Tuesday of the month scheduled at 7:30 pm.    

NO magnums allowed.

Members as well as guests must sign in regardless if they are shooters or just spectators. Eye and ear protection required by all.

YOU are responsible for  PICKING UP YOUR BRASS & keeping the range clean.

Indoor Range Info
Range is 50 feet. There are 9 ports to shoot from. You may use 22lr rifle only on this range. No shotguns, rifle caliber over 22lr, or magnum loads. You may shoot approved paper targets only unless there is a club run event. You must clean up your own brass and paper targets when you are done. 5 rounds per magazine limit. NO COMBAT SHOOTING

Indoor plate shoots start  first Sunday in November and run through the last Sunday in March.   Schedule posted at the club.

Lead Bullets available at:

Heritage Gun and Coin-- 250 Cowesett Avenue-West Warwick

Competition Shooting Supplies-- Benefit Street--Pawtucket

Bullseye Shooting Supplies--Woonsocket

D & L Shooting Supplies-West Shore Road-- Warwick


Range Safety Officer Class offered at club. $100 for members, $120 for non members. Contact Dave Perreault @ 401-487-0043 or email at: just2bee2000@yahoo.com for all details.

Send an email

For applications, qualifications, and info for the Club, send us an e-mail & we will send it to you.

Contact Ralph Pecchia at 942-8305

(BETWEEN 9 am & 7 pm ONLY) Leave a message or number to call back.

Bobby Panciocco at 413-5786

Send me your email address and I will send you an application back.

You may also get applications at gun stores sponsoring our club. Check the web site. Qualifications for the club are at 50 ft. on regulation size B-3 target or equivalent only. 3 targets with 10 shots each totaling 30 shots. Must qualify with Ralph or Bobby.

100% NRA membership



Join the NRA today through the Club.